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    Construction industry

    Are you looking for the optimum protection and finish for your construction project? Flanders Color is the right partner!

    Thanks to the quality and flexibility of our products our water-based range will allow you to treat both metal and plastics. This means that we can perfectly serve you when protecting and finishing walls, floors and, yes, even complete buildings.

    Highly qualified employees, advanced know-how and our own advanced technology laboratories, moreover, ensure that we can handle all colours and levels of gloss with your made-to measure approach and this always within the shortest possible delivery periods.


    At Flanders Color, we are fully aware of how important the quality and high tech dimensions are of every paint and most certainly for the bodywork industry. That is why we also firmly chose Nexa Autocolor. This brand already conquered a place on the market in 1925 as a trendsetter and market leader thanks to brands such as PERMOBEL® and BELCO® with regard to  paint technology. A position that they managed to retain perfectly down the years thanks to their technological progressiveness and undisputed colour expertise.

    They more than proved their reputation as a leading player who are strong in high-quality innovations with the introduction of the groundbreaking 2K® system and AQUABASE® range, the world's first water-based base coat.

    The shared passion for quality, service and innovation ensures that Nexa Autocolor and Flanders Color are the perfect partners for every company that operates in the bodywork industry.

    Uvecryl: the right choice for the decorative finish of metal fa├žade elements

    The increased use of aluminium and galvanised steel for the production of windows, doors, garage doors and even full verandas is one that is on the rise year in and year out. Precoated or powder-coated metal façade elements, however, often need a finish in a colour or gloss level of choice to obtain the aesthetic added value for the construction industry.

    Uvecryl was developed specifically for this goal: a high-quality finish for any metal façade element that optimally meets the high requirements that must be met by top coats for outdoor materials:

    • Fast drying and hardening.
    • High surface hardness.
    • Excellent colour and gloss retention.
    • Perfect adhesion on powder and coil coating.
    • Very good adhesion on steel and aluminium.
    • Good adhesion on galvanised steel and copper.
    • Can be supplied in all colours.
    • Available in 3 gloss levels as standard that can be mixed with each other.

    Are you looking for the right partner to discuss your project with? Do you want advice from an expert regarding coatings for bodywork or the construction industry? Please contact Flanders Color now! Any of our experienced consultants will gladly help to ensure that your project also attains the best possible result.