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    Wood and furniture

    Environmental regulations frequently change and this means that you need to continue searching for the constant improvement of products in the world of paint and coatings. That is why one of the basic jobs of the Flanders Color colour laboratory is to think ahead and be innovative in coming up with feasible solutions and offer alternatives that are at least of the same high quality as existing products or that even surpass them.

    It is based on this advanced way of thinking that Flanders Color will gladly propose a range of water-based paints and coatings. To conclude, you can pigment woodwork transparently and opaquely or glaze finish it using water just as well indoors and outdoors. Our products even surpass conventional paints and coatings with regard to weather resistance and permeability.
    We are proud to introduce a few of our water-based showpieces with regard to indoor furniture finish.

    Solvent-based varnishes offer optimum colour finish


    You can create a high-quality finish effortlessly for your indoor furniture with Opalyte. You can, naturally, select between a gloss or a matt finishing coat. This product offers both options. We will gladly explain the most important advantages:

    • 2-component polyurethane finishing coat
    • Choice between satin gloss (Opalyte NY25) or matt (Opalyte NY10)
    • Available in all possible colours (including on steel)
    • Option of selecting a higher scratch resistance through Opalyte WAX



    Isoglans also offers you the possibility to have a beautiful finishing coat on your indoor furniture even if it is only in a gloss version:


    • 2-component polyurethane gloss finish
    • Extremely suitable as a gloss top coat on furniture, doors, frames, pianos and much more.
    • Available in all possible colours (including on steel)

    Hydroplus (Sayerlack)

    You will have high-quality, water-thinnable paint systems with HYDROPLUS for all wood and furniture applications indoors that, moreover, also represent an aesthetic additional value. HYDROPLUS paints and varnishes not only effortlessly match and surpass the look and smoothness of their solvent-based counterparts, they also usually achieve the mechanical and chemical resistance of a 2-component polyurethane varnish.

    Why should you choose 1-component water-thinnable coatings?

    • 1-component water-thinnable paint systems do not have a limited pot life not even when you combine them with the XM 4080 hardener.
    • All products are supplied ready for use.
    • A leftover product can be further processed even when the XM 4080 hardener has been added.

    Why you should combine the 1-component water-thinnable coatings with the XM 4080 hardener.

    • Although adding an XM 4080 hardener is not strictly necessary, it may be the right thing for special applications such as kitchens, table tops and similar.
    • The combination with the XM 4080 hardener ensures that the mechanical properties and the chemical resistance of the coatings are increased.

    Which advantages do the 1-component water-thinnable coatings offer when compared to solvent-based variants?

    • You can sometimes overspray with up to 25% less.
    • The pot life is unlimited (even when combined with a hardener).
    • The emission of solvents is reduced by 95%.
    • 1-component water-thinnable coatings are non-toxic.
    • They do not contain yellowing acrylates.
    • They are non-flammable.
    • You can simply clean tools with water after use.

    Which disadvantages to 1-component water-thinnable coatings have?

    • A modified workshop is required for using 1-component water-thinnable coatings.
    • The total hardness takes longer to achieve.
    • The required dust-free time is longer.
    • The coatings cause a greater swelling of the grains of the wood.
    • The products are sensitive to moisture.
    • The correct use of 1-component water-thinnable coatings requires more care and attention

    If you would like to receive more information about our extensive product range for wood and furniture, please contact Flanders Color. Our experts will gladly help you further.